Another Milestone!

Yesterday marked another milestone for our loft project. We had our electrical rough in inspection and we passed! This is huge! Now we can start putting up drywall! And then plumbing fixtures! It feels really good to get to this point!

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we’re gonna finish up that shower in the master. Hoping to start tile work tonight. We’ve been very careful to make sure that thing is as waterproof as possible. Now we’ve just got to put in the lipstick and make it pretty.

I wanna thank all of you for following our progress and supporting our efforts with your positive vibes. It keeps us motivated and we appreciate all of you. Until next time, ☮️❤️

Kitchen light fixtures dilemna

We’re to the point that we need a definite decision on light fixtures for our kitchen. We’re trying to decide what lighting we should use above the wall of cabinets and over the island. At this point I keep changing my mind and Brian keeps saying he doesn’t really care.

Our back splash is this lovely tile from Lowe’s.

The backsplash will go part of the way up, with shiplap along the top. Very similar to this kitchen, with open shelves:

Here’s a picture of our island. The plumbing and electrical are in progress which is why there is no “back.” The back will be shiplap.

Since the HVAC is above the island, I thought we would use 2 fixtures – one on each side. Also, the shorter width side of the island will be lengthened to match the other side so that the island has the same width on either side of the middle. Hopefully that makes sense!

I purchased the light fixtures to make something like this to go over the island but now I’m not sure. My plan was to use an old, aged piece of wood and have it hang down a bit. With one fixture on each side of the HVAC.

Now I’m thinking about using something clear, like the fixtures shown below:

I just can’t seem to decide! So, I’m asking for your input! What do you think would be a good option? Feel free to comment with a picture or with what you think would be a good option!

Thanks for joining our journey and thank you for your help!


Then & Now

The Henderson Historical Society recently posted a photo of our building from the early 60’s, so I decided to take a current picture from the same vantage point. Other than the signage, it hasn’t changed much. On the outside. If you’ve been following our blog you know the interior has changed considerably. Especially the 3rd floor where we are creating our loft.

Speaking of the loft, we had to slow down our efforts around the first of November due to some work that required immediate attention at our house, which is 140 years old. The floor joists alone an exterior wall had begun to sag, so since we host 30 plus on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, we thought we’d better fix it.

It ended up being a little more work than we thought. We basically had to gut the room down to dirt and brick. We repaired and added to the foundation, replaced all the joists with treated 2×12 lumber, new subfloor, new flooring, 2 new 2×4 stud walls, hang drywall, finish drywall, recase the windows, install new crown molding and baseboards, and paint. Hopefully, it’ll last another 140 years.

Anyway, we’re getting back to the loft in the new year and will be living here in 2020. Thanks for following along and from our family to yours, Happy New Year!! ☮️❤️

A Whole New Vibe

Most of you know we had all 6 windows in the front of the building replaced several weeks ago. We can’t believe how they have reduced the outside noise coming into the loft. Well, yesterday we had four more windows installed in the back of the building. These aren’t true replacement windows because there weren’t any windows there. The original windows were removed and bricked in I’m told 75 years or so ago. We had Tannar Gaines and Company open them up a while back and we began constructing new frames for the new custom windows.

I just love the new, bright vibe up there. It’s uplifting. And the breeze that comes in when we open the windows is amazing.

Window World did a great job and I cannot say enough good things about the installers. They truly went above and beyond. We still have to do a little more to get them cased in, but we can do that work ourselves. Here’s some before and after pics. Stay tuned. ☮️

Coming Home

We love old pieces that have historical value. Especially if they have some local history. But when we find a piece that actually came from our building, we are ecstatic.

I was recently invited to go through the old Audubon School on the east side of town. It has been closed for decades. Back in the 70’s, a local man, Jim Romans, who has historical value himself, bought the old school and planned to restore and refurbish it into his home. I remember an entire section of the newspaper devoted to the venture.

Decades later, it fell into the hands of another local, who still owns it. She and her husband lived in it for 20 years. She was and is a self described ‘junker’ and after my tour I’d have to agree with her. Being somewhat of a junker myself, I was intrigued when she told me she had a piece that was original to our building when it was Norris Hardware. So, I eagerly accepted her invitation.

Turns out, I was interested in purchasing several items, but the jewel was this beautifully patinaed(?) old counter.

It’s 12′ long and in remarkable condition! We’re going to gently clean it and seal it and turn it into a bar for the loft! We’ll raise it to bar height and put a cool top on it and it’ll be fabulous.

What do you think?

It’s Festival Time!

Just thought I’d post a short blog and give a shout out to the Henderson Tri-Fest, brought to you by the Breakfast Lions Club.

Over the last 20 plus years they have donated over $500,000 to worthy groups and causes. And in addition, there’s no telling how much other groups have raised by using this venue as a fundraiser. Local school and churches etc have food and game booths, bringing some of the tastiest food and drinks you’ll find anywhere.

Our daughter, Lori Rath is a 3rd grade teacher at Jefferson Elementary School and our son, Matt Glick is an officer with the PTO. Their booth is offering some decadent desserts and a local favorite, Lemon Shake Ups.

We love being a part of such an amazing community and can’t wait to move in.

A Little R&R

Wednesday night, Lisa and I got a double dose of R&R. Rest & Relaxation in the form of good old Rock & Roll. We went to see The Doobie Brothers just 20 minutes away in Evansville IN at the Old National Events Plaza.

The Doobies were everything I had hoped and then some. The venue is just perfect for this kind of event. Not too big but not too small. We were on the 3rd row in the Orchestra Pit and it felt like we were part of an intimate jam session.

Back to the band. Original members, Tom Johnston, Patrick Simmons and John McFee we’re as good as ever. Maybe better. When I saw Bill Payne on keyboards, it kinda blew my mind. Bill is from my favorite band in the world, Little Feat. He was amazing. Then I realized John Cowan from New Grass Revival was on bass and vocals. What a talent he is.

Anyway, we all need a little R&R now and then and when it’s mixed with classic Rock & Roll it’s even better. We’re lucky to have such a nice venue so close to home. Next, we’re gonna see Chicago!

A Window to Our World

We shared with you how we replaced the rotted wood at the bottom of the existing window frames earlier. After we fixed that, the next step was to install new sills, window frames and transom frames.

The existing brick openings were in pretty rough shape, so my cousin, Robbie Glick came in and repaired them. Robbie is very good at what he does and we appreciate all the work he’s done for us in the loft.

After the brick work was done, we measured and cut new sills, which will be attached with Tapcons. The area is by no means square so it took a little finagling to get them cut and in.

Then the frames were constructed to fit the new opening. Above the new frames we installed a transom type frame to go at the top. All of this will be attached with tapcons and deck screws.

Kenny, from Window World is coming Wednesday to make double sure it’s all ready to his liking and then we’ll be getting our windows installed. I can’t wait.

Stay tuned for more updates and thanks for following our journey. ☮️

Trimming out the front windows for replacement windows

We’ve been waiting to have our windows installed since they were finished back in November.  The windows were custom made.  Despite quite a few delays, we are now ready for the new windows.  Finally!

I never thought framing out the windows would be such a daunting task!  The current front windows had rotten wood due to exposure to rain.  There was flashing and caulk around the windows but the caulk had completely dried up or was missing causing water to sit next to the wood.


We previously framed in the windows and I’ll share more about that later but this week we need to replace the rotten wood.  As you can see from the picture below, it was pretty bad!  You could actually see through the bottom edge of the windows to the street below.

First, we had to take the windows out.  No easy task since the screws were old, rusty and they required a flat head screwdriver.  Now I know why you shouldn’t use a flat head screw!  On a side note, my April fools joke was to offer up a suggestion to Brian when we needed to find some screws that we just reuse these screws.  Brian’s reply – are you kidding?!  Anyway, that was a good laugh!  Those screws are in the trash now.

After taking the windows out, we had to scrape away all of the rotten wood and re-caulk around the flashing.

Brian’s attaching the flashing to the new 2 x 2 frame at the base of the window

Once the new wood was installed, the flashing attached and caulked on the outside, we put the windows back in.  And we made sure to use Phillips head screws so that we could get the windows out quickly as they are installing the new windows.

We called Window World on April 1st to check on an install date and to let them know we are ready.  Honestly, just replacing the rotten wood made a lot of difference!  We don’t hear as much street traffic as we did before.  But we are so excited to get our new windows.

Thanks for joining our journey!


Bunk Bath Update

Good afternoon!  Hope you all are having a great weekend!  Do you remember when we shared our Bunk Bath Design Board?  It’s been a few months but we have definitely made some progress on our design.  Here’s the updated design board featuring our new flooring:

The Bunk Bathroom Update

Our new flooring is shown in the bottom left corner of the picture.  This picture does not do it justice!  It’s actually fairly light colored.  I think the base color is a light blue gray.  It looks like weathered wood you’d see on a dock at a beach.

I’m always looking for a great deal and this one was a whopper of a deal that we couldn’t pass up!  We were at Lowe’s looking for some other supplies when I spied boxes of this tile.  It was marked down from $90+ per box to $80+ per box.  I decided to ask if they would consider $50 per box.  I thought there was no way they would consider such a discount.

So, I summoned up my best bargaining skills and asked one of their sales associates about the price.  He spent a lot of time checking and came back to say it was marked down to $10 per box!  I couldn’t say “we will take it all” quick enough!  We bought all that they had – 10 boxes.  Originally almost $1000 worth of special order tile for only $100.

Our last design decision is how we will install our tub.  What do you think of this idea?


Instead of having the brass colored piping, I’d prefer black.  I love it!  Luckily it’s Brian approved too!  I’m on the lookout for a black fixture that would work instead of having our plumber piece this together.  The only real problem I’ve found is the faucet spout needs to be longer to clear the edge of the tub.

As soon as I find a solution to the fixture, I’ll share it with you.  As far as the curtain rod goes, that will be another project for Brian and I to complete.

Thanks for joining our journey!