Kitchen light fixtures dilemna

We’re to the point that we need a definite decision on light fixtures for our kitchen. We’re trying to decide what lighting we should use above the wall of cabinets and over the island. At this point I keep changing my mind and Brian keeps saying he doesn’t really care.

Our back splash is this lovely tile from Lowe’s.

The backsplash will go part of the way up, with shiplap along the top. Very similar to this kitchen, with open shelves:

Here’s a picture of our island. The plumbing and electrical are in progress which is why there is no “back.” The back will be shiplap.

Since the HVAC is above the island, I thought we would use 2 fixtures – one on each side. Also, the shorter width side of the island will be lengthened to match the other side so that the island has the same width on either side of the middle. Hopefully that makes sense!

I purchased the light fixtures to make something like this to go over the island but now I’m not sure. My plan was to use an old, aged piece of wood and have it hang down a bit. With one fixture on each side of the HVAC.

Now I’m thinking about using something clear, like the fixtures shown below:

I just can’t seem to decide! So, I’m asking for your input! What do you think would be a good option? Feel free to comment with a picture or with what you think would be a good option!

Thanks for joining our journey and thank you for your help!


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