Then & Now

The Henderson Historical Society recently posted a photo of our building from the early 60’s, so I decided to take a current picture from the same vantage point. Other than the signage, it hasn’t changed much. On the outside. If you’ve been following our blog you know the interior has changed considerably. Especially the 3rd floor where we are creating our loft.

Speaking of the loft, we had to slow down our efforts around the first of November due to some work that required immediate attention at our house, which is 140 years old. The floor joists alone an exterior wall had begun to sag, so since we host 30 plus on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, we thought we’d better fix it.

It ended up being a little more work than we thought. We basically had to gut the room down to dirt and brick. We repaired and added to the foundation, replaced all the joists with treated 2×12 lumber, new subfloor, new flooring, 2 new 2×4 stud walls, hang drywall, finish drywall, recase the windows, install new crown molding and baseboards, and paint. Hopefully, it’ll last another 140 years.

Anyway, we’re getting back to the loft in the new year and will be living here in 2020. Thanks for following along and from our family to yours, Happy New Year!! ☮️❤️

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