A Whole New Vibe

Most of you know we had all 6 windows in the front of the building replaced several weeks ago. We can’t believe how they have reduced the outside noise coming into the loft. Well, yesterday we had four more windows installed in the back of the building. These aren’t true replacement windows because there weren’t any windows there. The original windows were removed and bricked in I’m told 75 years or so ago. We had Tannar Gaines and Company open them up a while back and we began constructing new frames for the new custom windows.

I just love the new, bright vibe up there. It’s uplifting. And the breeze that comes in when we open the windows is amazing.

Window World did a great job and I cannot say enough good things about the installers. They truly went above and beyond. We still have to do a little more to get them cased in, but we can do that work ourselves. Here’s some before and after pics. Stay tuned. ☮️

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