Coming Home

We love old pieces that have historical value. Especially if they have some local history. But when we find a piece that actually came from our building, we are ecstatic.

I was recently invited to go through the old Audubon School on the east side of town. It has been closed for decades. Back in the 70’s, a local man, Jim Romans, who has historical value himself, bought the old school and planned to restore and refurbish it into his home. I remember an entire section of the newspaper devoted to the venture.

Decades later, it fell into the hands of another local, who still owns it. She and her husband lived in it for 20 years. She was and is a self described ‘junker’ and after my tour I’d have to agree with her. Being somewhat of a junker myself, I was intrigued when she told me she had a piece that was original to our building when it was Norris Hardware. So, I eagerly accepted her invitation.

Turns out, I was interested in purchasing several items, but the jewel was this beautifully patinaed(?) old counter.

It’s 12′ long and in remarkable condition! We’re going to gently clean it and seal it and turn it into a bar for the loft! We’ll raise it to bar height and put a cool top on it and it’ll be fabulous.

What do you think?

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