Trimming out the front windows for replacement windows

We’ve been waiting to have our windows installed since they were finished back in November.  The windows were custom made.  Despite quite a few delays, we are now ready for the new windows.  Finally!

I never thought framing out the windows would be such a daunting task!  The current front windows had rotten wood due to exposure to rain.  There was flashing and caulk around the windows but the caulk had completely dried up or was missing causing water to sit next to the wood.


We previously framed in the windows and I’ll share more about that later but this week we need to replace the rotten wood.  As you can see from the picture below, it was pretty bad!  You could actually see through the bottom edge of the windows to the street below.

First, we had to take the windows out.  No easy task since the screws were old, rusty and they required a flat head screwdriver.  Now I know why you shouldn’t use a flat head screw!  On a side note, my April fools joke was to offer up a suggestion to Brian when we needed to find some screws that we just reuse these screws.  Brian’s reply – are you kidding?!  Anyway, that was a good laugh!  Those screws are in the trash now.

After taking the windows out, we had to scrape away all of the rotten wood and re-caulk around the flashing.

Brian’s attaching the flashing to the new 2 x 2 frame at the base of the window

Once the new wood was installed, the flashing attached and caulked on the outside, we put the windows back in.  And we made sure to use Phillips head screws so that we could get the windows out quickly as they are installing the new windows.

We called Window World on April 1st to check on an install date and to let them know we are ready.  Honestly, just replacing the rotten wood made a lot of difference!  We don’t hear as much street traffic as we did before.  But we are so excited to get our new windows.

Thanks for joining our journey!


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