A Window to Our World

We shared with you how we replaced the rotted wood at the bottom of the existing window frames earlier. After we fixed that, the next step was to install new sills, window frames and transom frames.

The existing brick openings were in pretty rough shape, so my cousin, Robbie Glick came in and repaired them. Robbie is very good at what he does and we appreciate all the work he’s done for us in the loft.

After the brick work was done, we measured and cut new sills, which will be attached with Tapcons. The area is by no means square so it took a little finagling to get them cut and in.

Then the frames were constructed to fit the new opening. Above the new frames we installed a transom type frame to go at the top. All of this will be attached with tapcons and deck screws.

Kenny, from Window World is coming Wednesday to make double sure it’s all ready to his liking and then we’ll be getting our windows installed. I can’t wait.

Stay tuned for more updates and thanks for following our journey. ☮️

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