Bunk Bath Update

Good afternoon!  Hope you all are having a great weekend!  Do you remember when we shared our Bunk Bath Design Board?  It’s been a few months but we have definitely made some progress on our design.  Here’s the updated design board featuring our new flooring:

The Bunk Bathroom Update

Our new flooring is shown in the bottom left corner of the picture.  This picture does not do it justice!  It’s actually fairly light colored.  I think the base color is a light blue gray.  It looks like weathered wood you’d see on a dock at a beach.

I’m always looking for a great deal and this one was a whopper of a deal that we couldn’t pass up!  We were at Lowe’s looking for some other supplies when I spied boxes of this tile.  It was marked down from $90+ per box to $80+ per box.  I decided to ask if they would consider $50 per box.  I thought there was no way they would consider such a discount.

So, I summoned up my best bargaining skills and asked one of their sales associates about the price.  He spent a lot of time checking and came back to say it was marked down to $10 per box!  I couldn’t say “we will take it all” quick enough!  We bought all that they had – 10 boxes.  Originally almost $1000 worth of special order tile for only $100.

Our last design decision is how we will install our tub.  What do you think of this idea?


Instead of having the brass colored piping, I’d prefer black.  I love it!  Luckily it’s Brian approved too!  I’m on the lookout for a black fixture that would work instead of having our plumber piece this together.  The only real problem I’ve found is the faucet spout needs to be longer to clear the edge of the tub.

As soon as I find a solution to the fixture, I’ll share it with you.  As far as the curtain rod goes, that will be another project for Brian and I to complete.

Thanks for joining our journey!



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