Happy Monday – We have an installed island

Good morning & happy Monday!  Don’t you just love when you wake up on a Monday morning with a sense of accomplishment?  I do!  We haven’t make too much progress since November but that’s quickly changing!  Last week we had the gas line installed and we have heat now.  It’s so much easier to work when it’s not freezing cold!

Yesterday we were determined we’d work all day until we had our kitchen island installed.  Before we could install the cabinets in the island, we had to decrease the size of the island, due to the slab of granite we purchased.  Although we will still pretty much have the same length since we will be adding a movable butcher block on when end and a custom cabinet for trash on the other end.  The reduced length of the island is 16 feet.

Our first task was to cut down the island to the correct width of the bank of cabinets:


We cut both ends to the correct length and were ready to move on to mounting the cabinets.  We started with the first cabinet in the picture on the left.  This one took the longest, by far!  We put it in place, screwed it in and removed it because it wasn’t quite level.  Then we discovered our pony wall is off level on this end – over a 4 foot section, it’s about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch off.  But the rest of the pony wall is completely level.

Brian nailing in the shortened wall

We decided to take a break and run to Lowe’s for more shims and to ask about the degree of level and how much we could be off.  After having a discussion with 3 people, we decided it should be okay.  And we made a call to our friend Mark Herron to ask his thoughts.  After that discussion, we decided to go back to installing the cabinets.

Brian removed the nails from the sections of pony wall that were cut out so that we could reuse the wood

The second time around installing that first cabinet, was much easier, thankfully.  Next we wanted to confirm the width of the dishwasher, so we decided to partially open the yet unopened box and found the dishwasher to have some damage.  The damage had to have occurred at the factory or where the dishwasher was boxed/packed because it was under the styrofoam packing that was intact.  Not a real concern, because it came from Lowe’s and I’m sure they’ll work with us on getting this fixed.


After a quick google search confirmed the dishwasher rough-in should be 24 inches, we were ready to install the second cabinet.  After installing the first cabinet, the next three went in great!  Lots of shimming, but they are all level.

Our plan is to have all of the electrical outlets installed in the kitchen, have the drywall up on the back wall and all of the cabinets mounted on the back wall this week.  Once we get this done, we can have the granite installers come back to measure so that we can get our granite installed.  We had to shuffle a few things around because the granite has to come through our window before the new windows are installed.

I hope you have a great week!  Thanks for joining our journey!








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