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Well, we haven’t posted much lately as we decided to take a short break between Thanksgiving and the New Year.  But, we are back at it now.  The plumbers are upstairs working as I type and we are planning on a rough in inspection tomorrow.

So, one night last week, Lisa and I were working in the front part of the loft when we heard what sounded like a group clomping up the stairs.  Our son, Matt, is the only other person with a key to the building so we thought maybe he’s bringing some friends up to show them the progress.  We kept expecting to see heads pop up, so when we didn’t, I ran over to the stairs to see what was happening.  As I got within a few feet of the stairs, it stopped.  We looked around to try and figure out what the noise could have been but we found nothing.  At this point, for some reason, I guess because we hadn’t been up to the 3rd floor for a while, Lisa asked, “so, did you miss us?”  We both heard a distinct, clear male voice say, “No”.  Now, we hear sounds and muted voices occasionally but never a clear intelligent response to a question.  That was a first.

I posted about the incident on my personal Facebook page and got a lot of concerned comments.  To be clear, Lisa and I have a lot of experience with this sort of thing, so we were not concerned.  But, to set our friends minds at ease, we had a friend set us up with his friend, who is a medium.  He came in two nights ago and basically just did a walk through.  Long story short, there are spirits in the building but nothing malicious.  He said they just seem to feel at home and they are okay with what we are doing.  That being said, we got some cool pics.  Check them out.

The photo on the left was taken just a few seconds before the top right photo.  The photo on the bottom right shows Lisa on the far right and what looks like something swooshing between her and the camera.

Stay tuned for more and thanks for taking this journey with us.  Peace and Love.

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  1. Lisa & Brian. My sweet cousins. I’d have a priest come thru and Bless this 3 rd floor home before you move in. Just saying I love ghost 👻 stories. Your pictures have me big goosebumps. Good Ghost likes Priest/Fathers. Post more loft pictures. I bet it’s coming along beautifully. I’m going to come visit you all there (when my daughter gets stronger in health) she’ll want to come too. Hugs and love you both. Joanie

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