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Have you ever had trouble deciding what kind of flooring option to use?  Well, flooring is one of the hardest decisions we have had to make with this project.  Lots of other things are less permanent or easy to update, which makes the decision much easier.  Have you ever watched one of the TV programs where they’re looking to buy a house and their only issue with the house is the paint color?  I always think – that’s an easy fix.

With our half bath remodel we completed at our house last summer – we repainted 3 times.  We tried a dark gray brown – the sample looked great but the color on the walls was terrible!  We kept thinking it would look better once the room was complete.  Ha!  Then we tried another gray color that looked equally as bad.  So we went with what we had in our living room and dining room and it turned out great!  It’s a nice cool gray color – the same color we painted our grand daughter Hazel’s room.  With paint, it’s much, much easier to fix than if you chose a flooring option you aren’t happy with!

A few years ago, we removed the carpet from our foyer, living room and dining room and laid what was supposed to be a nice high end laminate.  We absolutely do not like it at all.  It’s not wearing well and has multiple issues.  It will be replaced within the next year.  We also had vinyl laid in our kitchen a few years back, due to a dishwasher leak.  We ended up getting a full refund from the flooring company due to a mismatch of the seams.

If you remember at the beginning of this project, we tackled the what-seemed-like-forever project of sanding all of the floors (over 6500 sq. ft.) and applying boiled linseed oil.  But we knew that we most likely needed to do something about our baths, kitchen and the not so good areas.  If any of our readers have real wood floors in their bath or kitchen, we’d love to hear what you think of it, good or bad.  I’d still love to not have to use something different if we could find a way around it!

So, fast forward to now and you can kind of see where our reluctance comes from in making a final decision on our floors.  It also doesn’t help when you have so many floors.  Luckily, we are only focusing on our baths, kitchen and areas of the wood floor that have fairly big issues.  We know we definitely do not want to use laminate, vinyl or linoleum.

As of last night, I believe we have a winner for our bathroom floors (unless we can find a way to keep the existing wood floors.)  For our kitchen, we are toying with the idea of adding tongue and groove plywood.  We would then prime, paint, stencil and poly.  I’ve already picked out a great stencil for the floor.  What do you think of this stencil?  I love it!

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