We’re Back – next up plumbing!

Going into the holidays, shortly before Thanksgiving, we decided it would be a good idea to take a break from our project and focus on family time.  We had a great break and we spent a lot of time with our family.  We hope you were also able to enjoy the holidays as well!

Looking back on 2018, I realize it was very ambitious for me to think we would have this project almost complete by Christmas.  (Although Brian knew this all along.)  Christmas of 2018, ha!  At one point I thought we could at least have our half bath and kitchen ready so that we could host our Christmas celebrations with our family in the loft.  Well that couldn’t happen because, even if we had a half bath, we’re having trouble deciding on kitchen counter tops.  So we have a new year and new goals.  Our current goal is to get back on track and get things moving along quickly.

We’re very excited to get back on track with our plumbing today as well as a lot of other pieces to our project!  Our HVAC system has been installed for a while but we still don’t have heat.  Our plumber is scheduled to start working today on running the line up to the roof for the gas so that we can have heat, which we will definitely need for our drywall installation, painting, etc.

Also, our plumbing rough in is almost complete and we finally have a plan for our bathroom floors, so we should be able to start on those very soon.  I can’t wait to at least have our half bath ready to use!  No more running down from the third floor to the first floor!  I’m very excited about that!

This week we’re also back to work on our windows, too.  Our new replacement windows have been ready for a couple of weeks but we aren’t quite ready.  Brian and I are working on creating the frames for the windows.  Once we had a system in place and figured out the best way to construct the frames, we started moving right along.  In just a couple of days, we’ve been able to partially complete 3 of the 6 windows.  Brian will be sharing some how-to’s on that.

Thanks for joining our journey!



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