Let There Be Heat

Just in time for the weather change, Danny Hager and his crew from Hager & Son Heating and Cooling is preparing to install our HVAC unit.  This beast of a unit will go on the roof.  Lots of planning and preparation goes into the install.  They are going to use a crane large enough to lift the unit over 50 feet in the air and extend it 90 feet over our roof top.  Danny said they can have this part done in about an hour.  That’s impressive!

How are we going to get that lift in here?

Danny will coordinate with our electrician and roofer to make sure everything goes smoothly and as planned.  It’s nice living in a small town where most of these trades people know each other and work well together.

Discussing branch placement

After the roof top unit is installed, then the work comes inside.  While on-site, Danny and Billy reviewed the plans to finalize locations of the spiral duct and the branches that will extend from the main spiral into each room to make sure every room gets adequate heating and air.  The spiral duct will run along the side of this beam:

It’s going to be so nice to be able to finish up this project without sweating like crazy or freezing our butts off!  We highly recommend Danny Hager and his company for all your heating and air conditioning needs.  Thanks for taking care of us Danny!

Thanks for following our journey!


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