Taking A Little Break

Everybody needs a break right? We’ve been crazy busy this week, even though we haven’t physically worked on our loft project too much. I guess you can say we’re having a little break from our project but we’re still working on lots of details.

We finished all the framing we could when we realized that if we put up the last couple of walls, we’d have trouble getting some stuff up the existing stairs. Eventually, before we finish our project, we’ll be adding an exterior stairwell. But we want to make sure we can use the existing stairwell for whatever we need for now. We also built the half wall (or pony wall) for our island.

This week Brian worked to get our replacement windows moving along. He also worked on getting quotes to reopen our veranda and bedroom windows. We accepted a bid, scheduled the work and pushed out the installation of our front replacement windows so that we can have all the windows installed at the same time.

The plumbing and electrical work is starting this coming week! It’s hard to imagine having a bathroom on the third floor. That in itself is a dream come true!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and the cool crisp air, for those of you located in the vicinity!

Tonight Brian is playing his first gig with his new band – The Valcoes. They practiced 2 nights this week and Brian also practiced another night with our church’s praise band. This is one of the reasons we had to take a little much needed break.

Thanks for joining our journey!


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