What’s Coming Up?

A lot of cool stuff happening at The Elm Loft Project. We passed our framing inspection so now the trades (electrical, plumbing, HVAC) can begin.

We got our electrical permit late Monday, so our electrician will begin very soon. First thing will be getting power to the HVAC units and installing the service panel.

The plumber has ordered everything he needs to rough in, so he’ll begin soon, as well.

I met with the window installer last week to finalize his requirements, so I’ll start working on that next week. The masons were in yesterday to discuss cutting out the back windows that have been bricked in.

And we got pricing on the drywall. I’ll have to remove a window in the front so the drywall can be unloaded from the lift.

Finally, we have a very unique business opportunity that we are considering. More to come on that later.

Thanks for following our journey.

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