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Have you ever designed a room around one standout piece?  This wonderful up-cycled garage workbench turned into a vanity set the stage for our bunk bath.  It also helped us decide that we didn’t want to use a lot of new things in our loft.

Garage workbench up-cycled into a bathroom vanity!

This workbench sat under a tree in our backyard for a while.  It was covered with green peeling paint but I thought it could be turned into a really cool piece.  Our son, Matt, asked a few vague questions and took off with a great idea.  I absolutely love it!

But when I saw the top, I wondered how I could put a sink on top.  I love the look and feel of the wood and really didn’t want much on top.   And then I found this sink and vessel faucet.  We thought the bright white of 2 sinks would look great on the wood.  I also love the contrast of the near black faucet.  It’s actually an oil rubbed bronze finish that looks completely different in different shades of light.

Next up the shower.  We planned to use a one piece built in shower unit until we discovered we couldn’t get it up our stairs.  It just wouldn’t fit.  And along comes our second black and white tub to save the day!

We’ve come up with an idea for using the tub in place of a shower.  We plan to have corrugated steel walls surrounding the tub.  We really like the contrast of the modern look of the tub and the rustic look of corrugated steel.  What do you think?

I think we’re going to have an issue with the fixtures we picked out for the tub.  The faucet isn’t long enough to reach into the tub.  I’m also not sure if the shower head will work either.  We’ll work with our plumber to come up with the best solution.

I hope this design gives you some inspiration!  Maybe not to remodel an entire room but just find a unique statement piece to really standout!

Thanks for joining our journey!


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