What’s Next at The Elm Loft Project?

What’s up next for The Elm Loft Project?  Lights, camera, action!  We’ve been working really hard and rarely taking a break.  But now I feel like the really fun stuff is starting to happen!  Last night we laid out our kitchen, what do you think?

This is our back cabinet wall.  The blank spot by the tall cabinet is for our refrigerator and the other blank spot is for our stove:

This is our island wall.  Where the drawer is on the floor is where our island desk will be and the other blank spot is for our dishwasher:

Thankfully, we were able to incorporate the antique drafting cabinets we purchased at auction from Crafton’s Office Supply.  The stove has a small drawer cabinet on either side and the drafting tables are on the other side of the drawer cabinets.  The drafting cabinets will be a little taller than cabinet height but we love the look.  What do you think?

What’s up next is we need to build a pony wall behind the island cabinets.  The wall is needed for our plumbing, which should be started soon.  After building the pony wall, we’ll move on to focus on our electric.

We’ve been working on light fixtures decisions so that we know where we will need an electrical run.  Since our walls do not go to the ceiling, we’ve had to think about how to light each room.  But we’ve got some really fun ideas and can’t wait to share our projects with you.

One of those projects includes creating a Pottery Barn inspired chandelier for a cost savings of hundreds of dollars!  And the actual cost should be just a tad over $50.  I’m really excited about it.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!  Thanks for joining our journey!


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