Gonna Tell You a Story ’bout a Clamp Named Jed

We’ve posted about having the right tools for the job at hand, but haven’t said much about clamps and vises.  Whether you need to make two pieces flush, bring down a crown before nailing, or just hold pieces together, a clamp or vise is a great tool.

Let me introduce you to Jed.  Jed Clampit.  I know it’s silly, but I like to name my favorite tools.  My Dremel Multi-Max is Maxine.  My favorite clamp is Jed.  He’s the one in the picture above.  And, he has been a wonderful time-saving tool as we install the top plates on our walls.  Sometimes it’s hard to get the entire length flush before you nail it in. So being able to attach Jed to hold it in place is great.  And if you’ve ever worked with lumber, you know it’s not all perfectly straight.  There’s almost always some sort of bow, or crown that needs to be held down before you attach it.  And some lumber is twisted a bit (some more than a bit) so you may need to make some adjustments and a clamp is the easiest tool for me.  Especially when I’m working alone.

We have a little wood working shop on the second floor where our son, Matt does his magic, and he will tell you how much a clamp helps with his work.  So, we have a variety.

Ha ha,,,check out the old school pencil sharpener.  Very handy.

Anyway, that’s my words of wisdom this morning.  Thanks for following our journey.  Peace!

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