2 Bathtubs Are Better Than One – Right?

When I saw this bathtub, I fell in love with it.  I basically designed our entire master bathroom around this tub.  Except for the fixtures.  I always knew I wanted a shiny chrome finish because that’s what I like.

We’ve designed our bunk bathroom around this garage workbench up-cycled into a vanity   I just love it!

Bunk bath vanity!

On Friday, our friends from Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery called to let us know they had another bathtub just like this one.  And they thought we could make it work in our bunk bathroom.  They know that we have 6500 sq. ft. and plenty of room for it.

The folks at Ferguson are great to work with!  They’re following our blog and they knew we could make this work in our design.  I’m very impressed with their customer service!  When Katie called, we discussed how we could alter our design.  She also consulted with another designer and we came up with some options, which I greatly appreciated!  If you’re in need of a designer for your kitchen, bath or lighting needs, I’d definitely recommend a visit to Ferguson.

The timing of their call to us couldn’t have been better!  Earlier in the week our plumber realized we had a big problem – without access to our elevator the one piece bathtub/shower combo we planned to use in the bunk bathroom would not fit up our existing stairway.  The only solution we could come up with was to install a shower pan and tile the shower, like we’ll be doing in our master bathroom.  But we really didn’t want to do a big tile job in our bunk bathroom too.

After verifying with our plumber that the tub would work, we decided we definitely want it!  We’ll have to finalize a plan for using the tub as a shower.  I’m sure our friends from Ferguson will be able to help us out with the fixtures we need.  Stayed tuned to see our design board later this week and let me know what you think.

We also still need appliances, so we may see if they have any suggestions or any great deals.  Of course, I’ll be looking for the best bargains I can find!

Thanks for joining our journey!



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