My Love for Maxine

I did home renovations for a while several years ago before we bought our building.  Painting, repairs, flooring, concrete counter-tops, etc.  I discovered that it really pays to have the right tool for the job.  It not only makes the job easier, it makes it quicker.  When you get paid by the job, that’s important.

One tool I fell in love with is the Dremel Multi-Max.  It became such a valuable tool for us, especially when laying new flooring, that I named her Maxine.  I’d say, “go get Maxine”, or “where is Maxine” and my guys would go get her.  She can cut wood and metal, scrape and get into tight spaces better than any tool I have.

As we do our framing in the loft, I’ve had to use her to cut out the existing quarter round so can get our walls butted up to the brick.  I’ve also used her to cut through nails to take apart a section where I made a little miscalculation.  Yeah, we make mistakes.  But, we also learn from them, so it’s all good.

Steps to cut out for quarter round using Maxine:

    1. measured the bottom/sole plate to determine the exact measurement
    2. dry fit our cut 2 x 6 to make sure it would fit correctly
    3. using the dry fit 2 x 6, I marked where the quarter round needed to be cut
    4. removed the 2 x 6 and made the vertical cutsimg_2529
    5. once the vertical cuts were complete, I made the horizontal cut under the quarter round & removed the quarter round
    6. the last step was to dry fit the 2 x 6 again to make sure the cuts were correct

If I didn’t have Maxine, I’m not sure what tool or method I would use to make a cut like this.  I’m sure whatever alternative, it wouldn’t be this easy!  I just can’t imagine doing a project without dear, sweet Maxine!



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