Master Bath Design Board

Master bathroom design

As soon as we finish our framing this week, we’ll move on to electrical, plumbing and HVAC.  Which means I need to have as much of our design finished as possible.  Here’s our master bedroom design board.  What do you think?

We pretty much knew from the beginning that we wanted a black and white bathroom.  I previously talked about some of the design but we definitely need to get this finished as soon as possible!  The sink is still sitting on our deck, waiting for a bit of cleaning and TLC.


The tub was delivered a few weeks ago.  I just love it!

Our master bath tub!

We have the faucets shown on the design board ready to be installed.   I’m pretty sure we are still going to use the tile shown on the design board for the floor and possible as a feature in the shower.  The shower will mostly be subway tile with black grout.

So, the only big decision left is the vanity.  I like the one on the design board but I think it needs to be a bit smaller.  Due to the weight of the sink (it’s cast iron), we want the sink to rest on the vanity.  Most likely our son, Matt, will make a custom vanity.


Also, our design had to change a bit.  When we built out our walls and door frame, we decided it would be too tight and we’d need to walk around the tub to get to the shower.  Here’s our revised bathroom layout.  Thankfully our plumber approved the changes, which I’ve noted below!loft bathroom switchThere’s a pole next to the shower that we were going to build a half wall around but have  instead decided to use a fixed shower panel.  A fixed shower panel has the look of a door but it doesn’t move.  The wall the shower faucet is on will need to be built out a bit, probably 10 inches or so, unless we can find a wider shower panel.  We love the industrial look but we also want frosted glass.

What do you think of the design?  Do you like it so far?

Thanks for joining our journey!


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