Be A Part Of A Henderson Time Capsule

Our building was built in 1904 as an addition to the existing 1870 George Delker Carriage Manufacturing Company building.  Prior to starting our project, the third floor remained pretty much as it was built back in 1904.  The only walls were exterior brick walls.

Now that we have framed out walls, our daughter, Lori, suggested we do a time capsule and put it in one of our walls.  We’ve trying to decide what we want to include.  Definitely family pictures and family history kind of stuff but what else?  I’m also thinking about who would find the time capsule and why would they find it.


We hope to leave the building to our kids and we hope they’ll love it as much as we do.  Maybe one of their kids or grand-kids would eventually have the building and find the time capsule while doing a remodel.  Lots of maybes.

The picture below on the left is pre-remodel in 1960 and the picture on the right is after remodel in 1961.  I love looking at the old pictures – lots of remodeling occurred on the outside and on the first and second floors but not the third floor.

Thinking about all of this got me to thinking about how much we love the history of our building and the entire town of Henderson.  Especially the downtown area, since that’s where our new residence will be and it’s where our business is now.  And then I had an idea.  What if we asked local businesses and friends if they’d like to donate to a time capsule about the city of Henderson in 2018.

I initially thought about menus and flyers from local restaurants and merchants in the downtown Henderson area.  I’m also open to whatever suggestions anyone has.  If you’d like to contribute something or have an idea, just let me know via a comment on this post or on our The Elm Loft Facebook page.  Or you can drop items off at our shop – The Elm Consignments & More.  Or email items to me at

I can’t wait to see what we come up with!

Thanks for joining our journey!




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  1. I’ll be happy to donate a copy of my book “Henderson Postcard” and also the Henderson history book I co-authored, “Currents—Henderson’s River Book.”

    • Hi Susie – would you be interested in doing a guest blog about your books?

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