Get Paid to Shop!

As I’ve said before, I love saving money and finding things on sale.  I had a friend recommend I start using the EBATES program.  So I researched the program and joined immediately!  I love the idea of getting paid to shop!

The program is simple – you signup and receive a rebate check quarterly.  You can add an extension to Google Chrome and when you visit a website that works with EBATES, you will automatically be prompted to apply coupons which track your rebate.

In addition to earning cash back for your on-line purchases, you can also earn cash back while shopping in stores.  To do this, you link your credit card to your account.  Then link the program to your card.  You can also add new offers to your credit card while shopping in stores.  If using a debit card, be sure to complete your transaction as a credit.

You can track all of your cash back using EBATES by viewing your “My Cash Back Account” info.  It’s easy to find stores that participate.  EBATES also offers double cash back stores, hot deals and cash back for travel and vacations.

Here’s my idea for saving at Lowe’s – I’ve added my Lowe’s credit card to my EBATES account and will now be earning a 2% cash back through EBATES.  In addition to this rebate, I also get a 5% discount by using my Lowe’s credit card.  It may not seem like a lot but this amount will definitely add up!

I use my Old Navy credit card a lot due to the points and rewards I earn.  I also try to make sure I pay it off in full each month.  I buy a lot of Christmas presents for the kids and grand-kids from Old Navy and I usually have a lot of rewards dollars and special offers.  Now I can link my Old Navy credit card and also earn a 2% rebate.

One more way I’ll be saving is by making purchases at Walmart.  As of today, Walmart has the following cash back categories:

Walmart savings

I buy most of my groceries from Walmart.  I place my online order on Thursday and Brian picks up the groceries early Friday morning.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could be earning at least 1% back on all of my groceries!  I will be taking advantage of this savings starting this week!

In summary, most of the stores I checked offer cash back through EBATES.  If you’d like to join, you can use this link: EBATES you’ll earn $10 after making your first qualifying $25 in purchases.

I hope you enjoyed this money saving tip!

Thank you!


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