The Doors Dreams Are Made Of

I went to FHG Architectural Salvage on Saturday and found all of the doors I needed!  Now we can finish all of our walls!

Master bedroom doors leading to the veranda!
The doors we will use between the master bedroom and the veranda!

I love the patina on these beautiful old doors!  They were originally french storm doors but they will look amazing as french doors leading from our master bedroom into the veranda!  We had planned on using different doors that had frosted glass but I’ve been imaging waking to the sunrise and the sun streaming from the veranda through french doors.

I think these doors will look great!  I’m also thinking of adding old windows next to the doors.  An idea Brian is not too keen on.  Let’s see if I can talk him into it.


I also needed a door for our half bath.  Brian has some great ideas for the design of the bathroom.  He wants a door that is reminiscent of the doors featured in the old private detective movies or shows.  The door I picked out is very similar to the door shown above, except that the glass is three-quarters, meaning the glass is three-quarters of the length of the entire door.

We will add frosting to the glass and a cute little name to the door, indicating it’s a bathroom.  One side of the door I picked is stained with a great patina and one side is painted.  It’ll need a little work but all in all it’s in great shape.

Bedroom and utility room doors
Our grandson, Leo, and the doors for our master bedroom and the utility room.

I purchased 2 of the doors shown above.  They have a great finish and they’re solid wood (3 inches thick)!  This one has a sticker on it but I’ll be able to get that off fairly easy.  The other door is in perfect condition.  Both just need to be cleaned up a bit.  One door will be used for the entrance to our master bedroom from the hall and one will be used for our utility room.

Total cost of purchase – $299.60.  A fraction of the cost of new doors.  We wouldn’t even consider new doors because we want the character of old doors.  Cost breakdown:

  • $150 for the set of exterior french doors
  • $100 for the half bath door
  • $50 each for the master bedroom entrance and utility room doors for a total of $100

That’s $350 minus a 20% discount, plus tax for a grand total of $299.60!  When I shop at a store like this, one of my favorite things to do is get a discount!  That’s me, always looking for a sale!  Be sure to ask for the best price or determine what you’re willing to pay and ask if they can’t match that price.

Here’s the link to their Facebook page, if your interested in following to check out some their great pieces.  Do you have a shop like this that you’d like to share?  If so, I’d love to hear about it.  Just add a comment below!

Thanks for joining our journey!


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