Let There Be Walls

We’re moving right along with our walls.  As of last night, we should be about 75% complete or more.  We’re down to walls with doors, since those walls are a little more complex.  Just thought I’d share some pictures with you!

Kitchen Wall
This is our kitchen cabinet wall. All walls are built behind this wall.
Master bedroom
On the left is the master bedroom, master closet, master bath and laundry room.

Our master bedroom, features a master walk-in closet that is 24 x 9.  You can see the closet at the top left of this picture.  Brian refers to it as Lisa’s closet – maybe I’ll let him use some of it!   Next to the master closet is the master bath and laundry room.  We still need to build the dividing wall between the rooms.

The bunk room
This is the bunk room & bunk bath.

The bunk room is shown above.  It’s a little larger than the master bedroom.  We should easily be able to have 3 queen size beds and 3 sets of bunk beds, along with a good size closet.  The bunk bath is on the right and you can see part of the master bath on the left.

Half bath
This is the half bath.

The half bath is directly behind the kitchen cabinet wall and next to the utility room.

This is the utility room. The water heater will be here, along with some storage shelves.

The utility room is between the half bath and the bunk bath. The utility room will feature our water heater and whatever other utility type things we need.  As you can tell, I have no idea what will go in here.  I know that part or most of our HVAC will be on the roof, but I think we may have some equipment in the utility room.

highlighted walls

Our plan for today is to build out all of the highlighted walls shown above.  We’ll be working on the bunk bath wall that’s also part of our master bath wall.  We’ll also work on our master wall which adjoins our master bath, master closet and the hall leading to our bedroom.  And a few other walls.

Any idea how heavy a 2 x 6 x 12 foot wall is?  It’s pretty dang heavy!  We put up 2 of these last night.  I think I’m building walls in my sleep!

Thanks for joining our journey!






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