Loft Tours! Updated

Update:  There was a miscommunication about the Loft Tour.  We found out today that we were not asked to be on the Loft Tour, but we were asked if we were interested in being included in the American Cancer Society’s Homes for the Holidays Tour.  It has not been decided whose homes will be included yet, but we will let you know.  But, even if we aren’t included, we will open up and give a tour to our many friends and followers.

train bridge
Henderson’s train bridge at sunset

It seems like everywhere we go someone mentions how much they enjoy our blog and they ask if we will give tours when we’re finished.  Just today when we went to have lunch with our grandson, Leo, one of the ladies from his school said, “I’m addicted to your blog and following you!”  Thanks so very much!

Soon we will begin sending out newsletters and emails with updates as requested by many of our followers.  Thank you for you’re continued interest!

The fountain at Central Park in Henderson

One of the purposes of our blog is to highlight and endorse local tradespeople, craftsmen and vendors to our mutual benefit.  If you’d like to be showcased on our website and in our blog by providing services or exhibiting some of your work in our loft – we’d love to work with you!

We can highlight your business, services and products.  We can also include links to your website in order to promote your business.  Stay tuned to hear more about some of our favorite folks to work with!

We’ve been featuring quite a few wonderful pictures courtesy of our great friend Mark Herron.  All of the photos in this post are Mark’s!  Beautiful works of art!  We also need to give Mark a shout out for his construction guidance, input and helping us solve some funky problems!

river fountains
The river fountains at sunset

In the meantime – you all are awesome.  Thanks for the follow and thanks for joining our journey!


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