Things that Go Bump in the Night

I began reading a book called Kentucky Haunts by Daniel Meyer.  I was asked to do a review of the book.  So far, I really like it.  I’ll let you know more when I finish.  But, it made me think of all the things I’ve seen and heard in our building.  Especially since we began the renovation.  I’ll just relay a few today.

I am frequently in the building by myself.  Either early in the morning before we open the shop or late at night working.  I almost always here pops and creaks, which I attribute to the age of the building and “settling”.  But on several occasions, I have heard what can only be footsteps.  Either walking across the floor on one level or another, or on the staircase.  These are unmistakable sounds.  A few times I have heard what sounded like a log chain hitting the floor and then being dragged across the floor.  I go and check and nothing.

We have heard voices many times.  One morning I was here alone and heard what sounded like a group of ladies having a conversation just on the other side of the room on the first floor.  I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but it was unmistakably women talking.  One night Lisa and I were working on opposite ends of the third floor, 150 feet away from each other.  She suddenly raised up and said “what?” in a perturbed voice.  I ‘whatted’ her right back.  She said I kept saying her name in a whisper.  When I told her I hadn’t said a word, she was a little taken aback.

Lisa used to travel as a Medical Professional Billing Consultant so I was alone working in the building several nights a week.  There are several 4 foot fluorescent light fixtures on the ceiling up there and I could never get the one in a front corner to come on.  One night I was working in that corner and said aloud, “I really could use some light up here.  If someone could help I’d appreciate it”.  The light sizzled and flickered and then came on full blast.  When I was ready to leave, I said thank you and the light flickered off.  It happened again the next night and on the third night Lisa was in town and helping me.  I had told her about the incident, so she asked to see it.  I asked for it to come on and it flickered a little longer this time and hummed loudly before it came on.  I said thank you but it’s a little loud, and it went out.  Lisa suggested we take a video.  I tried but it never worked again.

Lastly, we’ve had things move.  Two incidents come to mind.  The first was a champagne flute, which was behind several other glass pieces somehow lifted itself over the glasses in front and fell to the floor and shattered.  I was about twenty feet away and the only other person in the place was at least fifty feet away.  We shared a little how did that happen moment and the customer laughed nervously.  The second incident involved books and a sword.  I was in the back of the shop one morning before we opened.  I heard a loud crash and went to investigate.  I have a space with two bookcases on either side of a six foot shelving unit.  A book from one case was in the middle of the floor a good four feet from it’s home and a book from the other case, which was inside a protective sleeve because of it’s age, was on the floor ON TOP OF THE PROTECTIVE SLEEVE.  That was weird enough, but laying across the top of the two books was a reproduction Civil War sword which had been hanging on a pegboard hook a few feet away.

Now, I know some of you will think I’m nuts, and these things couldn’t possibly have happened, but think about it.  This building is 115 years old and it’s full of antiques.  Not just antiques, but valued possessions of the former owners.

If you’re interested in hearing more ghostly stories, stayed tuned.  We’re going to have a guest blogger tell you about his encounters.  If you are interested in sharing yours, just let us know!  As soon as the downtown ghost tour is announced, we’ll give you info on that.  By the way, we’re on the tour.

And if you’d like to buy Daniel Meyer’s book, ‘Kentucky Haunts’, you can get it here:

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