Bargain Buys

I’m always looking for sales!  I love a good sale, who doesn’t?  In fact, I rarely buy things that aren’t on sale, except for food.

I’ve been holding off on buying small items for our loft, mostly because I want to focus on getting the big stuff done first.  Also because I already have piles of stuff everywhere!  I even have a stack of sinks, shower heads and faucets in my living room.  At our Antiques & Consignment shop, I have a storage spot with old boxes, light fixtures, mirrors, doors, antique table legs, lockers and all kinds of stuff!

Saturday was a rainy, dreary day and I just needed a little change of scenery (instead of putting up walls)!  We returned 4 containers of boiled linseed oil and we decided to go budget shopping at a few of my favorite stores.  I always find great deals at all 3 stores, so I set a limit to only spend the amount of the return to Lowe’s which was around $89.    I also talked Brian into going and we had our grandson, Leo, too.

Our first stop was Stein Mart.  I always find lots of great buys here!  I like to purchase bed linens, pillows, home decor items and all kinds of other stuff.  Brian picked out this Houdini wine set.  Original price was $40.00, it was marked down multiple times and our final price was $15.03!  I couldn’t resist this little tray or coaster – original price $10.00 and final sale price was $3.33.  Brian also picked up a pair of Mickey Mouse socks for $3.33.  Total purchase was $23.91.


Our next stop was Kirkland’s.  I’ve bought a lot of Christmas presents here and they always have some great buys.  We had a little race here – Leo and Nandad (aka Brian) went to the 5 Below store (which is next to Kirkland’s) and I went to Kirkland’s.  Our race was to see who could make their purchase the quickest.  Leo won!

Here’s my first great deal, it’s 39″ tall by 12″ wide.  This 3 tray stand was originally $49.99.  Marked down to $36.99 and then marked down again to $29.99.  It was used as a display for bath items at Kirkland’s and I think it would look good next to our master bath tub.


My other great buy from Kirkland’s was this cute little cake stand!  This is from Kirkland’s Homestead living collection.  I love this pure white collection.  The prices are really good, too.  This cake stand was only $10.99.  Total purchase from Kirkland’s $43.85.


I’m always drawn to cake stands because they make me think of my Mom!  She made crazy good cakes!  When I was young, she had a cake stand on her wish list and we bought it for her.  I still have it and use it.  I’m not sure if I’ll use this one as a cake stand or a serving piece.  I might use it next to a sink to hold soaps and stuff.

Last stop was JCPenney.  I can always find great buys here!  They have crazy good sales, too.  I love their towels!  I like thick towels but not the bath sheets or giant towels.  As my Mom would say, those giant towels take forever to dry in the dryer!  I usually wait for their towels to go on sale and buy a dozen at a time, but since I set my limit on what I was spending, I only bought 4 towels:


These towels are from the JCPenney Home Performance line.  They are 100% cotton, fade resistant, low lint & low pill with durable side hems – all great features!  Why white?  I like white because you can bleach or brighten the towels as needed.  And they stay bright white.

The towels were originally $16 each, on sale for $5.99.  They had a secret scratch off coupon promotion going on, which saved me an additional 30%.  Total price for all towels and a hat Brian found for $2.97 (original price was $27.00) came to $21.11!  That’s my kind of bargain!

Combined total spent at all 3 stores: $88.87.  That’s 13 cents less than my return!

Stay tuned for more bargains and recommendations!


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