How to Easily Build a Wall

Building a wall is easier than you might think.  I helped my Dad with a lot of remodel projects over the years and I think it’s a fairly easy task.  Just remember to measure twice, cut once!

Here’s a video with the steps to build your wall, explained in “girl terms” (no offense intended) or easy to understand terms.


Easy steps to build a 16″ on center wall:

Determine your measurements.  If you want an 8 foot wall, allow for the thickness of the top and bottom (or sole) plates.  Also, everyone probably knows a 2 x 6 is not 2 x 6 unless you are using old lumber!  A 2 x 6 is actually 1.5 x 5.5.  Also, the length measurement is often not correct – it may be an 8 foot length but it also may be off a 1/4 to 1 inch, so make sure to measure and cut all lengths!

Determine your “on center” measurement – this is the spacing between the studs.  When you build a wall, the studs should be spaced an equal distant from each other.  The standard is 16 inches on center, which is what we are doing.

Cut your top and bottom plates to the length of your wall.  Remember: measure twice and cut once!

Lay out your top and bottom plates next to each other to transfer measurements for your studs, making sure they are aligned.  We like to put them up against another wall or surface so that they stay aligned while marking:


Begin marking your on center spacing measurement.  Mark the measurements on one board.  The measuring tape has a red measurement for marking 16 inches on center – just follow this measurement.  No need to add your figures to determine your marks.  Continue marking your entire board:


Next, transfer the measurement to both boards using a triangle to make sure everything is straight.  Marking the measurement clearly will help with aligning all of your studs.


After you have your top and bottom plates marked, space them apart and lay out your studs in between – like a dry fit.  A stud will be at both ends of your walls, with your studs lined up in between.  Likely you may have 2 studs closer than 16 inches on center – that’s fine.  Note: make sure you have measured and cut all of your studs to length!


Make sure everything is aligned one board at a time, one nail at a time!  The studs should be centered on your on center marks:


Also, the studs need to be as straight as possible and they need to be aligned evenly with the top and bottom plate.

Nail everything together and viola – you have a wall!  Stayed tuned for steps to build a wall with a door.

Thanks for joining our journey!



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