Many Hats

In order to do what we do, I have to wear many hats.  I’ve always described myself as a Jack of all Trades, but a Master of None.  In my 60 years, I’ve done everything from construction to computers.  I’ve been a hod carrier for brick and block layers.  I’ve worked as a carpenter, a painter, and done some roofing.  I’ve worked in steel factories and smelters.  I’ve been a drafter, a computer tech and traveled the world managing and installing computer systems.  I’ve been to China, South Korea, Hungary, Brazil, and Mexico and had to learn a little of each language in order to get the job done.

At our antiques and consignment shop, The Elm, I am the salesman, the secretary, the accountant, the custodian, the cook and chief bottle washer as my granddad used to say.  We have over 600 consignors who trust their items with us.  We have thousands of items in the shop, all of which have to be inventoried and priced and labeled and all sales registered in the computer system and printed out.  The printouts are then filed in the individual consignor’s file.  At the end of each month, sales are figured and checks are written.  It’s a lot to take care of.

I’m also a musician.  I play drums and sing for two bands currently.  I play Sundays with the Chapel Hill United Methodist Praise Singers (CHUMPS), either 2 or 3 services.  We also rehearse from 7:30 till 9:00 almost every Wednesday night.  I’ll give a shout out to my band mates, Keith Vincent, Greg Francis, Rob Hutchinson, Dave Solomon, and Leslie Hoskins.  I’ve been playing at Chapel Hill since 1999.  It’s a great church and if you’re looking for a church home, give it a try.

My second band is a Classic Rock, Blues, Funk band called Red Dog.  We recently played at the W.C. Handy Blues Festival, the largest free Blues festival in the country.  This band consists of some very talented musicians as well.  Dave Redmon, Erick Scales, and Cory Folz.

Lisa and I are DJ’s, too.  And I’m legally ordained and have performed dozens of weddings and then DJ’d the reception.  I also ocassionally sing a one man Rat Pack show at local assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

I’m also a dad and granddad, or nandad as my grandkids like to call me.  And I LOVE spending as much time as I can with our kids and grandchildren.

And, in my spare time, I work on the loft.  LOL

Red Dog Band
At the W C Handy Blues Festival

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