Reflections or “What I Did on Summer Break”

When September rolls around I remember going back to school for another school year and, inevitably, writing a “What I did on summer break” paper.  I was fortunate to inherit by love of travel from my parents and we were lucky to usually have a nice summer vacation planned.  So I looked forward to this assignment.  As an adult, I realize that we all need a break and what better time than summer?

So as we are working like crazy to get our project completed, I’m reflecting back on the great summer vacation we had.  We are also fortunate to have all of our kids and grand-kids living close by.  Even though we weren’t all able to go on vacation this year, we were able to spend time together.

Daytona Beach Welcome Sign

Our favorite vacation spot is Daytona Beach, Florida.  My parents lived there after retiring, for about 9 years – until they had 3 grandchildren born within 6 months!  Then they moved back to the Evansville, Indiana area.  While they lived in Daytona Beach, we visited at least once a year and sometimes 2 to 3 times a year.  That’s when we grew to love Daytona and we love making new memories there!

This year, we left home at the end of June with my son Matt, daughter-in-law Anne Marie and grandson Leo.  We spent a rainy day at Disney World and decided to leave there earlier than planned because we couldn’t wait to get to Daytona Beach.  We spent a week at Daytona Beach.

We love the resort we stay at – Ocean Walk Resort.  We booked our stay through VRBO and our room was excellent.  Actually our room was listed as a penthouse – although it wasn’t on the top floor but the layout was perfect!  We enjoyed an oceanfront balcony just off the living area and our master suite!  I could look at this view all day long!  I definitely miss it!



There are several things we always try to do while visiting the area.  We enjoy dinner at Down the Hatch Restaurant and, after dinner, we visit the Ponce Inlet Jetty at the Lighthouse Point Park.  Our entire family loves Down the Hatch, even the ones that don’t like seafood!  If you visit the area, it’s definitely worth the beautiful drive (about 15 minutes south of Daytona Beach)!  You can usually catch glimpses of all kinds of ocean creatures from the dock and watch as some of the fishing boats come back to dock.

We also spend time at the Boardwalk and the Pier.  Both are just a short walk from our resort.  The boardwalk has an old-fashioned arcade & some great classic American-style food (burgers, dogs, ice cream, breakfast & beer).


I think when we have a lot going on in our busy lives, it’s great to reflect on some of the special memories & fun times we’ve had.  We love taking a break and spending time with our family.  Do you have a special vacation spot you love to journey to with your family?  Or do you like to travel to different destinations?

Thanks for joining our journey!



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