Back At It!

So, we took a little time off last weekend to take our gorgeous granddaughter, Lily to see Taylor Swift at the Nissan Stadium in Nashville. It was a blast! She said it was the best day in her life. She’s 11.


We got home Sunday afternoon and went back to work oiling the floors. We finished late last night. My back is happy.

We used Jasco Boiled Linseed Oil and we really like the product. We rolled it on with a paint roller and it was fairly easy to do. The only issue we ran into was finding enough. We bought out Lowe’s in Henderson and Evansville and even bought all they had in Nashville and Clarksville on our way home from the concert. And, we had to order some online. I think we used 36 gallons! I’ll get some pics tonight when it’s dry and share with you.

We’re having our framing materials delivered Friday morning so that’ll be fun.

We’ll have to carry it all up and then we’ll start putting up some walls

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  1. What a wonderful time…Great photos.. Lily and Lisa you looked fabulous…always a fun time with the Grandkids!!!

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