Our Future Master Bedroom

A good portion of this space will be our bedroom.  From the poles shown on the left to the wall on the right and to the last pole – this will be our master bedroom.  I think we have about 16 poles down the center of the floor and we tend to measure everything by the poles!

Salvaged doors from our daughter's attic
Salvaged doors that we found in our daughter’s attic.

We’ll have four doors salvaged from my daughter Lori’s house that will open onto the veranda.  Two will be used in our bedroom and two will be used in the bunk room to access the veranda (our version of a sun porch).  The doors hung as a huge dividing wall in our daughter Lori’s house in Corydon, Kentucky.  They’re 8 ft. tall and almost 40 inches wide.  I love the dark look, the frosted windows and the character of these doors!

The two windows on the right will be opened up and will provide a great view of central park.  In about a week, the window installer will stop by and explain how to frame out and prep for the new windows.   I’m excited to get the new windows and to also open up the back windows.  I’m really not excited about the height aspect of this part of our project.

Central Park, Henderson, Kentucky
Central Park in Henderson, Kentucky. Photo compliments of our good friend – Mark Herron.

The floors in our bedroom turned out better than we thought they would!  There are a few iffy spots that we’ll need to do some repairs to but, in general, they are looking pretty darn good!  I plan to have a large, soft area rug or multiple rugs, so that should help too.

We’ve been on a bit of a pause, due to running out of the boiled linseed oil.  Six gallons should arrive today and 8 more should be shipped today.  Will it be enough?  I have no idea if it will be or not!  We could have gone with a different brand but we were really concerned that we wouldn’t end up with a cohesive look.  In other news, we’ve decided to try using a wax on the floor.  After quite a bit of research, we decided to try Lundmark Floor Wax.  We’re excited to give it a try and see how it turns out!

Thanks for joining our journey!


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