I’m Totally Floored

I’m totally floored by the look we’re achieving with this Boiled Linseed Oil from Lowe’s.  We’re using a paint roller with a long handle, rolling it on and then wiping off any excess.  Although there isn’t much excess, we decided it would be much easier to use an absorbent paint cloth attached to the end of a Swiffer, instead of getting on my hands and knees to wipe it off!

After 1 coat of Boiled Linseed Oil!

We started out with 5 gallons of oil.  Yesterday I made rounds to the local Lowe’s stores and was able to come up with 7 additional cans.  I talked to Lowe’s about getting more cans shipped to the store but that was going to take 1 to 1 1/2 weeks.  Luckily Lowe’s checked and found that I could have it shipped to our house.  So, I ordered 14 additional gallons.  Unfortunately, that’s the maximum quantity you can order at one time.  Will it be enough?

Old Pine Flooring
I love the color variations!

So, how much oil do we need to cover 6500 sq. ft.?  Well, that’s a really good question.  I worked on oiling the floor yesterday during the afternoon and it seemed to me that the absorption rate was different than during the evening.  But that could be my imagination!  I figure 1 gallon covers approximately 350 sq feet – that’s a very, very rough estimate!  So, 6500 divided by 350 = 18.57 cans.  There’s a possibility that we won’t have to order more – we shall see.

I’m really hoping with can get the floor done by next weekend, so that we can start framing!  I can’t wait to see the walls going up, although we won’t have too many walls.  Over half of the area will be completely open.  We’re taking a little break next weekend to take our 11 year old granddaughter Lily to see Taylor Swift in concert in Nashville.  And I’d love to be celebrating that we completed the floor oiling and get one framed wall in place!

In other news, I’ve been rethinking not having any upper cabinets in the kitchen.  But I’d really like to have some upper storage just for a few glasses and a few every day dishes.  We stopped at the Hoffman House yesterday and I found this little treasure at a great bargain price!  Thank you Lisa Fulkerson!


It’s two pieces, so I may use the top for an upper kitchen cabinet or I may use the entire piece in the bank of kitchen cabinets.  It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the top is tall and I can definitely use pieces with a lot of height.  Oh I can’t wait to get the floor done so that I can move the cabinets around and determine our exact kitchen layout!

Have a great Sunday!

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