Sand, Sweep, Vacuum, and Oil

Well, it only took us 8 days to sand the floor.  We did the entire floor twice.  Once with 36 grit sandpaper, then with 80 grit.  It was a bear!  I think I’ve lost 10 pounds so far.

We sanded, then swept, then vacuumed and last night started the oiling.  But before the oil, we had to cover the stuff on the 2nd floor under the area we were working with plastic drop cloths.  We were afraid the oil would seep through and we have a lot of stuff on the 2nd floor.  The back half is part of our shop with furniture and art and primitives.  The front half is storage and workshop.  Even though there was no evidence of seepage, we’ll cover each area as we go to be safe.

So, we’re using Jasco Boiled Linseed Oil.  Linseed oil is the only thing that has ever been used on the floors in the building to my knowledge.  We are applying the oil with a 3/8 inch nap roller and Lisa is wiping away any excess after about 15 minutes.  She’s come up with a brilliant way to wipe.  She’s standing on the rags and scooting her feet across the floor.  Well, she thought it was brilliant, but later changed her mind.  Now she is getting down on her knees and wiping.  There’s not very much excess, as the floor probably hasn’t been oiled in 75 years or more.  It’s sucking it up like crazy.  I told Lisa I could hear the floor breathing a sigh.  Here’s some pics.

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