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My family has often called me the Martha Stewart of party planning.  I absolutely love getting everyone together, planning for food and decorating for the occasion, especially for Christmas!  I’ve hosted my family’s Thanksgiving & Christmas celebrations for years.  Having over 3500 sq. ft. of open space for entertaining is a dream come true for both Brian & I.  We love having a good party!

Brian & Lisa
We even have a party to trim our Christmas tree!

As our family has grown so much over the years, the space at our house that previously seemed huge has become cramped.  We’ve hosted lots of family gatherings with 30-40 people and we all squeezed into multiple rooms – tables setup in the kitchen, dining room and living room.  Many times we’ve used our church’s fellowship hall and we’ve also used a cabin at a local park for baby showers, wedding showers and bereavement gatherings.  But we absolutely can’t wait to have a great room that we can all fit in.  I think the main dining table Brian designed is about 16 feet long.

Central Park, Henderson, Kentucky
Central Park in Henderson, Kentucky. Photo compliments of our good friend – Mark Herron.

At one point, we wanted to turn our loft apartment space into an event center.   Down the road we may still convert another area we have because our downtown area [and our entire town] has a real need for this.  It’s a beautiful area, right on the Ohio River and we really could use a nice venue for very large gatherings.  We’re also just a block from a beautiful park – Central Park, the oldest park west of the Alleghenies.

We hope to host lots of parties in our new space!  Small weddings, wedding showers, baby showers, birthday parties, gender reveals and the list goes on and on. I’ve planned and decorated for many parties & weddings with my niece Shae and my daughters Lori and Anne Marie.  We had one shower in particular that we ended up decorating for 6 hours!  Between us girls, we can definitely plan for and decorate for just about any kind of party or theme.

Brian Glick
Here’s Brian singing his heart out at the W.C. Handy Blues Fest in beautiful downtown Henderson. Boy, can he sing!

We also have some great music festivals in our town – The W.C. Handy Blues Fest, The Sandy Lee Watkins Songwriter’s Fest and the Bluegrass Fest.  We’d love to be able to host  after parties for some of these events.  Brian has played in too many bands to count!  We plan to have bands play and impromptu jam sessions around our antique bar.  We’ve even talked about having a mystery dinner theater.  We’re really looking forward to hosting as many events as we can!

Thanks for joining our journey!


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