One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, No Fish

We’ve almost completed sanding all of the floors. Hopefully we will finish tonight.  The floors will be industrial and not perfect.  But they have character, so much character.


Here’s a spot that’s in our bunk bath.  I had what I thought was a brilliant idea – remove the current patch, come up with a container that’s blue (like ocean blue), fill it with that stuff that looks like water but hardens and put fish in it.  Then we could attach the container from underneath so that it was level to the floor and it would look like looking into the ocean.  I thought our grand kids would love it. When I explained this to Brian, he looked at me like I was crazy!  Ha ha!  Sometimes I do come up with some crazy ideas.

We do have lots of imperfections – like the one shown below.  Our plan to “fix” these types of issues is to fill with an epoxy.  We will first apply boiled linseed oil and then fill with epoxy, so that the floor is mostly level.


We also have spots that have numbers painted on them and holes in the floor.  I love seeing the faded numbers!  But I can’t imagine why the holes were added.  We probably have 10 or so and they’re all approximately the same size.  Whenever I look through one I feel like someone is going to be looking back at me!  I’ll attribute that too many horror movies!


Here’s a shot of the floor after the last sanding and sweeping.  Before sanding, the floors were pretty much black.  We still need to vacuum and clean.  I’m very excited about the next step – applying boiled linseed oil!  It’s going to be a lot of work but I think the floor will look great!  As soon as we start, I’ll share pictures with you.


Thanks for joining our journey!





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