Prepping for Floor Sanding & Enjoying the Sunset

Last night we spent the evening clearing out our 2 bedrooms and veranda to prep for floor sanding.  We’re in the middle of some repairs to the brick wall but needed to clear the floors.  We moved scaffolding, furniture, cabinets and the beastly window sills, shown below.  They’re some kind of stone (granite?) and Brian estimated they probably weigh over 300 pounds each! I had the time of my life helping lift 2 of them to put in the window frame – just kidding.  I was surprised I could move this morning!

It was hot – no HVAC yet, so every job turns into a sweat fest!  But after sweeping over 3000 sq feet, it felt pretty good to have the floor cleared.  We haven’t quite decided what to treat the floors with after sanding.  The floors in our shop are treated with linseed oil and they are beautiful.  So, we are definitely leaning in that direction.

Before we started working we had some visitors – our daughter Lori, son-in-law Sean and granddaughters Hazel and Harper.  And our grandson Leo helped us all night by drawing all of the superheros and villians of the Justice League and the Legend of Doom.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of him.  He’s such a great little helper!

We had planned to start sanding the floors tonight but decided to continue working on clearing out some of the stuff that has made a home on the third floor over the years.  We also decided that instead of just sanding the bedroom floors and the veranda floors, we’re going to try to sand all of the floors at once.  That’s over 6500 sq. ft., less about 200 sq. ft. of bathroom floors.

Thanks for joining our journey!



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