Why Live Downtown?

I have always loved Henderson, especially the downtown area.  It has a charm of it’s own.  Surrounded by beautiful historic Victorian homes and the Ohio River, the business district itself is wonderful.  I remember as a youth, shopping for school clothes with my mother at Bernstein’s Men’s Wear, Simon’s Shoe Store, J. C. Penny’s, and other stores.  As I grew to my teens, a bunch of us would hop on the city bus and come downtown and go to the Kraver Theater, J.J. Newbury’s for a burger and a shake or a chocolate malt.  A little older and I could go to Purple’s Pool Hall or if I was feeling brave, Buddy’s Pool Hall, which was a little rougher than Purple’s.  A little older still and it was Doc Holliday’s Saloon, Beardsley’s Bar, or just hanging around the riverfront.  A lot of those places are gone today, but there are still many things to do.

Tonight we are going to a new restaurant, Hometown Roots located in the Old Soaper Hotel Building.  They haven’t opened for dining yet but they are one of 3 locations hosting shows for the Sandy Lee Watkins Songwriter’s Festival.  At one time, we owned an Italian Restaurant in this location called Delizio.


There are other places to eat and drink in this little district.  Rockhouse Pizza, Rookie’s Sports Bar, Commonwealth Kitchen Bar (CKB), Tacoholic’s, Sidewalk Cafe, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some.  We have parks that host music festivals and craft fairs and more.  We have the largest free Blues festivals in the country right on the river, only two blocks from our loft.

These are but a few of the reasons we want to live downtown.  It all boils down to, We Love It.


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