From Garage Workbench to Vanity

As I said yesterday, I’ll be sharing quite a few recycled/up-cycled projects with you.  This workbench came from our neighbor’s garage, where it had a wonderful home with Mr. Smith.  I’m sure he worked on many projects on this workbench.  We purchased it at a garage sale, shortly after Mr. Smith passed away.

I wish I could find the before pictures to share with you.  It was originally bright green with a flimsy wood top and 2 wood drawers.  Unfortunately it spent too much time outside in the weather and it needed a complete overhaul.  My very talented son, Matt, took my idea and ran with it.

Bunk bath vanity!

Matt knew I wanted to use this in what we’re calling the bunk bath.  My only real request was to have a wood top and a wood shelf at the bottom.  First he sanded the metal frame and painted it black.  Then he finished the wood for the shelf and top perfectly!  He even added a back splash to the top.  Is the wood old or new?  I think only Matt knows for sure. I couldn’t be happier with the result!

Matt works for us at our antiques and consignment shop.  He does wonderful work – beautiful pieces from scratch, repairs and refinishing.  One of his projects was framing a set of 2 antique stained glass windows that were over 5 feet tall as a gift for someone in Colorado.  The windows were arched at the top, he layered wood to form the arch.  He’s made custom wood lockers, tables and all kinds of wonderful things.  He even designs and makes guitars!  He’s also a very talented musician!  A man of many talents, whom I am so proud to call son & friend.  Thanks for all you do Matt!

Thanks for joining our journey!  Stay tuned for more!


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  1. Matt is a fine guy and this is very cool…. 😉

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