Repurposing & Recycling

Yesterday we went to one of Henderson’s little gems Urban Revival Architectural Salvage and I found the sink of my dreams!

We had an appointment with owner Michael Martin – he welcomed us and we had a great time browsing his shop! He has some awesome things and we will definitely be returning for some great finds as we get further along in our project! If you plan to visit, be sure to schedule an appointment. Thank you Michael Martin!

The sink is an antique or vintage high back farmhouse cast iron sink with a drain board. We will be using this in our master bath, even though it’s typically a kitchen sink. I thought it was very cool that Michael was able to tell us the sink was removed from a house on the street that’s just a block east of the street our house is on.

With this entire project we will be using lots of reclaimed/recycled/up-cycled items. I love the idea of reusing items. We’ve attended lots of auctions, architectural salvage shops and other places to accumulate a great variety of cool things. I can’t wait to share these ideas with you!

Thanks for joining our journey!


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