Gas and Electric

So, we’ve decided to use gas for the HVAC and water heater and maybe the stove, but there is no gas in the building. We also need separate electrical service for the loft. I went to the city building this morning to put in a request for both. Total cost was $40.  Great customer service and it only took 20 minutes.

The city will put in a gas line and meter free if  you’re within 100 feet of the main. Fortunately for us we are. They’ll dig a 13” wide trench and when they’re done they’ll fill it with sand and gravel. It’s up to me to finish it off with blacktop.

There’s already power coming to the back of the building to an empty meter box, so I hope they can use that.

We are going to do some cleaning and rearranging tonight in preparation for sanding the floor. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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