So, today I’m going to be meeting with my HVAC guy, Aaron from Hager and Son to discuss some changes and put together a game plan.  Danny Hager and his guys are some of the best in town and I’ve used them on several occasions here, at my home and at my daughter’s house.  They are consummate professionals and I highly recommend them.

Anyway, we originally planned to have a complete electrical HVAC system because we don’t have gas in the building.  Then I found out that it shouldn’t be that big of a deal or expense to have a meter installed to service the building.  So, I called the gas department this morning and asked them to come out and let me know what it would take.  I’m waiting to hear from them.

Our plan is to install exposed spiral duct down the center and branch out from there wherever we may need additional coverage.  I love that industrial look and I can’t wait to see how it looks against the old wood beams and exposed brick. And fortunately for us, the ceiling height of 12′ on one side to 18′ on the other is perfect for this.

Here’s a few pics showing examples

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