Decisions, decisions

Why can’t I decided on sinks?  I really need to decide on sinks for our kitchen, half bath, bunk bath and our master bath.  I’ve already picked out plumbing fixtures, so I really need to pick out sinks! As soon as I think I have decided, I pretty much change my mind.  I’ve asked Brian enough times for his opinion that he now says, “whatever you want is fine with me.”  That’s usually followed by, “just remember, you’re going to have to live with your decision.”  Which is why I change my mind.

We pretty much have our loft’s master bath design completed.   The design is mostly centered around this wonderful bathtub we purchased from the Ferguson showroom, in Evansville, Indiana.  This beautiful bathtub was a display model and it was a steal at over 50% off.  Thank you so much Ferguson!

Our master bath tub!

We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel at our house and I’m pretty sure we will be using this same tile.  I absolutely love it!  Even though we still have grout to clean up – I think it looks pretty good for our first tile project.  This tile is Della Torre Cementina ceramic floor and wall tile from Lowe’s.  We also plan to use subway tile with black grout on at least some of walls in our master bath.

New tile project at our home – excuse the mess! We still need to clean and seal it.

So, back to sinks.  I have fallen in love with this wonderful sink style for our master bath!  This is actually a picture of a bathroom sink in a restroom in a great little restaurant in St. Augustine, Florida.  I had already picked out 2 faucets for our master bath, but they definitely will not work for this sink.  I decided it would be a great idea to refinish an old farmhouse high back antique sink.  I’ve researched the project, now I’m somewhat reluctant.


Yesterday, Brian and I went on a little field trip in search of a sink just like this.  Stay tuned and tomorrow I’ll share our field trip!

Thanks for joining us on this journey!


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