The Veranda

In the back of the loft, off the master bedroom and bunk room, will be what we are calling the veranda.  Basically, a Hemingway inspired sunroom.  There will be vintage French doors leading into it from both bedrooms.  We will use doors that we salvaged from our daughter’s 1930’s bungalow style house.  8′ tall, 36″ wide.They are magnificent.  I’ll post pics in a later post.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering where the sun will come from since the windows are bricked in.  Well, we are opening up most of them and putting in energy efficient replacement windows.  I asked a family member of the original owners of the building how long they’d been bricked in and he told me as long as he had been alive, which was 70 plus years.

I say we are opening “most” of the windows because we wont be opening the 4th on from the left in the first picture.  For some reason, when the building was constructed, they decided to put the huge, heavy center beam above that window with only a 4×4 header.  Needless to say, 114 years later the header began to sag.  We decided to completely brick the window in to maintain the structural integrity of the building.  Pics below.  By the way, the Structural Engineer who inspected the building said it was the most structurally sound building of it’s age that he knew of in downtown Henderson.

Anyway, while the brickwork on the window was being done, we had all of the tuck pointing that we needed done and we began painting the back area (bedrooms and veranda) a shade of white.  We painted this area because it had been painted many times and many colors through the years.  The rest of the brick in the loft will remain unpainted and sealed.


Alright, well that’s all for me today.  Thanks for following us and we hope you enjoy

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