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So, we’ve mentioned our shop that occupies the first floor and part of the second floor in our building, but we haven’t gone into much detail.  We opened in 2012 and as our shop became increasingly popular and our clientele grew, we basically began absorbing inventory from local shops that went out of business for various reasons.  We quickly filled to almost overflowing and it’s been a continuing process ever since.

In the beginning, we took items that we don’t take today.  Even though we have almost 10,000 square feet open to the public, we are still limited to the space so we have to be increasingly more picky about what we take, and we’ve begun to weed out items that have been in the shop for too long.

On any given day, we don’t know what is coming in or going out, so everyday is new day and the store is constantly in a state of flux.  I get in a china cabinet and fill it up with china and then the cabinet sells and I have to unload it and find a new place for the pieces.  We sell a lot of large furniture pieces, so when large piece goes out or comes in, the layout has to change.

I guess it could get overwhelming, but I decided years ago to do the best I can every day and that’s going to have to be enough.  Plus, I have my oldest son, Matt, helping me everyday.  At this point, I couldn’t do it without him.

So, there you have it.  We own a small business in a small town’s historic downtown district and we love it so much, we want to live here.

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