The Current State of Affairs

I love the look of old, distressed wood, exposed brick and exposed pipes.  Fortunately, our space has all these features!  Unfortunately, all these awesome features needed lots of work when we started prepping for our project well over two years ago.  Brian painstaking cleaned the entire ceiling and all the exposed pipes.  Next, he painted all the exposed pipes black.


We spent our spare time last summer, cleaning and sealing the brick.  Cleaning consisted of wire brushing all the brick and sealing it twice – this was a fun project considering we were working on the third floor with no air conditioning and heat rises!  The brick in our open living area has matte sealer.  We also sealed the original sign before we began working on the project – what a great work of art that was painted in the 1870’s and has been preserved since 1904!


We made the decision to paint the brick in the back part of the building (where we will have our bedrooms and veranda) a lovely shade of white, due to years of different colors of paint being used on the brick.  I think it looks great!

Last, but not least, the original hardwood floors – over 6500 sq. feet.  We’ve gone back and forth about what to do about the floors.  They’ve never been sealed.  The current state of the floor includes some small holes, some big holes, bad repairs, spots of tar, etc.  Yes, tar on a beautiful old floor.  I’ve spent hours scraping it!  I’ve researched sealing the floor with beeswax, linseed and poly but we still haven’t made a firm decision.  One thought is to possibly remove the existing flooring from the bathrooms and laundry to reuse this good wood for repairs.  We did try sanding a small area to see what it would look like with all the grime off.

Stay tuned for more!



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  1. I have heard that the Marine varnish like they use on boats is good on old floors.

  2. I would say try and preserve at least some of the flooring…maybe just for the main living area. Having that exposed brick and all of that history—-you NEED the hardwoods to complete the look. Great job so far!!

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