Good Saturday morning!  Brian has shared some history and I just wanted to give some background too.

I’ve always had a love of architecture and design!  I used to sit at the table with my Dad, Bud Huber, as he sketched house designs.  I worked with him on many remodeling projects when I was growing up.  Adding a basement under our existing house, finishing the basement and a complete kitchen and bathroom gut and remodel.  I lived in the same house until I was married and by the time the house was sold it was at least 4 times the size of when they purchased it, thanks to Dad’s projects!  He and Mom also built a garage and the biggest carport known to man – seriously, it was huge and he had all of his adult children help with the project.  We had a lot of fun working on projects as I was growing up!

Dad built a house with Mom’s help before I was born.  I think the house still stands – it’s on Evansville’s eastside on Beckman.  Dad (& Mom) designed, subcontracted and built 3 houses after they became empty nesters.  After Brian & I bought our house, Dad helped us designed our approximately 1300 sq. foot garage and created a supplies list.  He even came to supervise and provide guidance on the project.  I think Dad was a huge influence on both Brian and I and our love for taking on huge remodeling projects.

When we purchased the building, we told Dad about our plans for a loft style apartment and he was excited, too.  He would even bring friends and family over to see the space and share our ideas with them.  I’m sure he’s smiling down on us and can’t wait to see our finished project.

Brian and I have spent many days working on our design, laying out floor plans with green painter’s tape, researching plumbing design and determining the best layout.  We designed and redesigned many times but a few things have stayed the same – we’ll have a big open space in the front of the building, with a huge kitchen area and a massive island, 2 and a half baths, a laundry room, 2 bedrooms and my huge master closet (I’m just a little excited about this closet.)  Last, but definitely not least – the veranda will be across the back of the building.  The veranda will be our version of a sunroom with a Hemingway/Florida Keys design influence – rich woods & plants.  The rest of our design will be French farmhouse meets industrial.

Thanks for joining us on the journey!


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