Our History with the Building

Yesterday, I shared a little history of our building.  Today, I wanna share OUR history with the building.

In 2012, Lisa and I, along with a few partners, purchased the property at auction (with support from our great friends Darrell and Lorna Littrell, along with Darrell’s brothers) which included our building, the attached building, half of another attached building and the associated lots.  The lots include an alley on the south side and parking lots in the back.  Initially, our intentions were to open a huge bar with entertainment and dancing.  Suffice it to say that plan did not work out and in 2013 we dissolved the partnership and Lisa and I bought the larger of the buildings.

Since day one, Lisa and I and our son, Matt Glick, have put in a tremendous amount of work on the building.  At first it was mostly cleaning the place, then repairs, electrical updates, separating decades of convoluted utilities runs, and preparing the first floor to open our business.

Speaking of the business, we are an antiques and collectibles consignment shop called The Elm Consignments and More.  We are beginning our 6th year and in that time we have grown into one of the best in the state.  We’ve been voted the Best Antique Shop in the city the last 3 years in a row, and last year we were named the 2nd Best Antique Shop in the state of Kentucky by Kentucky Living Magazine!  We have the best customers and consignors we could ask for.

That’s all for today.  Hope to see ya tomorrow.

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