Our First Post

Alright!  My first blog post.  My name is Brian Glick and together with my lovely wife, Lisa, we are going to put a loft apartment on the 3rd floor of our historic 1904 building in beautiful downtown Henderson, KY.  We just recently received approval from the great State of Kentucky to begin construction and we are so excited.

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle our project with words, pictures, videos, and other social media such as Facebook and Instagram, not only for our posterity, but for your benefit and enjoyment.  Your enjoyment because we are strictly amatures at this.  While we have done many remodeling and a few construction projects in our near 40 years together, we have never done anything of this magnitude.

First, maybe a little history on the building.  It was a  20,000 square foot, 3 story addition in 1904 to the existing 1870 George Delker Carriage Manufacturing Company.  At the time, Delker was the largest carriage manufacturer east of the Mississippi.  According to an old article I found, Delker wanted to show ol’ Henry Ford a thing or two by ramping up his carriage manufacturing because he thought the automobile was a fad.  Construction of the addition began in 1904, but by 1906 he sold it and the existing building to the Norris family and it became Norris Hardware.  It was Norris Hardware for many years and in the 1980’s it sold to the O’Daniels family and became Homefolk’s Hardware.  We bought it at auction in 2012 when Homefolk’s went out of business.

Well, stick with us and we’ll continue tomorrow.  Peace!


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